due for disappointment

Apparently, a lot of people are looking forward to my arrival in Eindhoven. They may be due for a sad disappointment.

Ted says that every woman he meets at the local rowing club says, “Oh, I hear your wife is ready to come row with us.” (Also, apparently Ted tells strange women he meets about his wife. I think this is a good thing.)  He said he’s been warning them that I’m coxswain sized (for nonrowers, here’s a picture of the US Women’s eight crew at Worlds this year. See the small woman on the right? That’s the cox) but he doesn’t think they quite realize how short I am. He says they keep responding, “Oh that’s OK – I’m short too!” which would be OK, but judging by their heights, he thinks they must mean “…. as compared to the Dutch national team.”

This should be amusing.

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