because several people have asked…

We’re fine. Taipei is ringed by mountains all around and they tend to protect us from the worst of any storms. Also, we only really got the first half of this one; the rest went south.

There was a lot of damage on the east coast, as there always is, because that’s where storms hit first. That’s where that hotel is that collapsed. (Well south of where we had intended to spend Saturday night, because we were going to go row this past weekend until the weather decided not to cooperate.) There have been terrible landslides, with some entire towns buried. The official numbers are currently 23 people dead, 32 injured and 56 missing but those numbers will rise much higher when rescuers can get into the areas of greatest damage; another news story says “Xiaolin Village in Gaoxiong County was one of the worst hit areas from the storm, with hundreds still missing after the entire village was buried under a landslide. Rescuers say 170 residents out of around 600 survived the mudslides.” I don’t know how long this link will stay current, but here are some of the stories.

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  1. KP Says:

    I’m glad you wrote. We were very concern about you and Ted. I had just sat down to e-mail you when I received your blog update. We had heard Taiwan received 80 inches of rain during the storm. Sorry to hear there was so much destruction.

  2. marsha Says:

    I was worried when my phone call didn’t go through this morning – the Internet is a boon for worried mothers. I read the stories, interesting but scary. 18 days to the wedding!

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