checking in

Ted is promising to write up his Elfstedentocht race this weekend. (Short version: he had a great time and they did really well.)

Yesterday, we picked up some tailor-made shirts – four each, for all of $100US. It is very exciting to have shirts that are not too small in the armpits or the forearms, no matter how many weights we have lifted in that week – and doubly so to have them for cheaper than store-bought would cost. And they fit!

I was so excited I asked them to make me a dress, a very plain one in a very lightweight wool that I hope I will be able to wear forever. And I’ll be able to raise my arms! (No, they aren’t very big. That’s sort of the point – lift weights a few times and clothing designers all think you don’t exist.)

Tomorrow I am going in for LASIK. I’m nervous, of course, but this place comes highly recommended and Taiwanese medicine seems to keep a very high standard. I’m supposed to keep my eyes closed as much as possible this weekend (I’m downloading audiobooks tonight!) so if there are updates this weekend they’ll definitely be from Ted.

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