getting around Taipei

RIding in Taiwanese taxicabs can be … interesting, where by “interesting” I mean “prone to make me want to curl into fetal position and cover my head with my arms”. Yesterday, for example, travel to and from dry-land dragonboat practice (in a bar) featured both a left turn followed by another quick left with driving in the oncoming-traffic lane for 30m between the two turns, and driving most of the way across the Dazhi bridge in the scooter lane.

And coming home from dinner Monday night I get to hear the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. (Are the BeeGees still alive? Given that Air Supply is coming back again soon after a sell-out tour last year, I’d bet they’d do well here.)

Of course there are upsides to all of this. FOr one thing, those were two of my four, count’em four social engagements this week. Especially with Ted in the Netherlands again, it’s nice to go out and talk to people. (The other two are on-the-water dragonboat practice Saturday and teaching beading techniques to my boss’s wife Sunday.)

Even more important, I think that one thing I will greatly miss after we get back to the US is having the freedom of the city even after dark. I love being able to go places on my own when I need to, even being able to walk on city streets safely.

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  1. Sally Lyons Says:

    Dear Paula and Ted,
    When will you be coming back to the US? I sure envy the opportunity you have had to travel! Take Care

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