photos! Thailand

OK. we took a lot of photos in Thailand – don’t be surprised if this page takes a long time to load.

Day 1:
The National Palace and the temple of the Emerald Buddha, beginning with the Buddha himself:
(By the way, I asked. These are the elephants’ working quarters – they are domesticated working animals – but they they to go somewhere with more room to roam at night.)

After a boat ride, we visited (and climbed up) the Temple of the Dawn and visited the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

On the second day, we began at the JEATH Museum (Japanese POW camp in WWII) and the infamous bridge over the river Kwai. Not too many pictures form there but I do like this one of Karen. The highlights of that day, though, were getting to ride elephants and pet tigers.

On Day 3, we visited the Summer Palace build by Rama 4, also known as King Chulalongkorn (who, as every Rogers & Hammerstein fan knows, was tutred by Mrs. Anna, of England), and then saw the ruins of the old capital Ayutthaya, finishing up with a boat trip around it:

As always, we have bigger images of all of these – if anyone wants one sent, please email me.

5 Responses to “photos! Thailand”

  1. Sarah HB Says:

    Very cool!

  2. Kenny Says:

    I loved all of the color and design that went into those temples.
    What’s the story with the tigers? Do their keepers take good care of them, are they drugged? I mean I would love nothing else than to pet a tiger, that is the coolest thing that I have seen you do. I also wonder about safety for both the people and the animals?
    Don’t want to bring you down. I do thing it was extremely cool, and the elephants just rocked.

  3. marsha Says:

    The gold in the temples was amazing. The first picture of Ken petting the tiger – it really looked like his or her eyes were open. Loved the pictures of all of you on the elephants. As always, I’m glad you told me about this after you did it.

  4. Uncle Larry Says:

    I was wrong, I thought Bangkok was not enough of Thailand to see, those pictures are spectacular, I’m especially jealous of seeing tigers close up and petting them. I always thought the closest I could get was a sight of them in Nepal or India, in parks where you can ride on elephants and are only guaranteed to see tigers in the wild every 3 days.

  5. Mike Says:

    I know this is an old post, so my comments come quite late (ahem), but like the pics a lot!
    Regarding the tigers, there’s a bit of controversy. Some people say that they aren’t treated well in the tiger temple. I’ve never seen any kind of negative treatment there, but just as a word of caution…

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