photos! Taroko Gorge National Park

I think Taroko can stand against any National Park for beauty; however, the gorge is so narow in spots that it can be hard to take good pictures. These are our attempts. There are several hanging suspension bridges, and a Buddhist temple and monastery next to the hotel we stayed it. It was kind of interesting to see trucks negotiating the park roads, and I mean “interesting” as in the old Chinese curse – especially when it’s a curving mountain road only one lane wide and you’re trying to get past a truck that barely fits until the edge of a mountain. This is also the only place I (or my mother-in-law the Master Gardener, for that matter) had ever seen wild poinsettias, which seemed very appropriate since we were there right before Christmas.

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  1. debbie Says:

    love the Jizo photo – my favorite bodhisattva

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