Back home, no later than I’d get home on a workday when Ted had his usual number of late meetings. The drive wasn’t bad: it helped that I’d asked someone local about getting back on the freeway to go home, because I really wouldn’t have expected that, if you’re heading west on a surface street, you have to turn left to get on the freeway going north. I’d been warned repeated about the traffic in Hsinchu at rush hour, so I asked because I wanted to make sure I was in the right place, not having to change lanes in heavy traffic at the last moment. There was some traffic for two or three exits, then everyone got off. I’d been told, “between Hsinchu and Linkou it’s rush hour all afternoon!” Well, don’t tell anyone, because I’ve observed that people in most cities are very proud of their terrible traffic and don’t like to be disillusioned, but for the record:

I’m not getting cocky, though, because it’s entirely possible I just got lucky and traffic is usually much worse. Also, while I’m uploading, here are some flowers I pass on the walk to work from the parking lot each morning. I have no idea what they are.

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