getting ready

Tomorrow’s my trip to Hsinchu – wish me luck. They moved me to a different hotel, right in the middle of downtown. My final decision is that I’ll drive to the hotel where the training is being held. (Directions: take the same highway I drive to work on, take exit 95, go left away from downtown, go straight for a kilometer or so. I think I can handle it. People keep warning me about the traffic, but after all I’ve driven in NY and LA during rush hour, not to mention Taipei. It will be a little more chaotic but it’s not like I’m looking for lots of turns.) However, then I’ll leave the car there and take a taxi or shuttle to the hotel downtown. I know of at least one other person in the training who’s staying in my hotel, so I can even share a cab (he’s going in tonight, though – he’s just here for a couple of weeks so might as well be in one hotel as another).

I’m feeling very reassured about the weather. It hasn’t been bad at all yet. This past weekend was the hottest so far; I wished I’d taken a sunshade when I walked to the grocery store and it would have been unpleasant to row once the sun was high, but not deadly. Today I wore a long-sleeved shirt and jeans to work. It was almost but not quite cool enough to wish for a jacket when I walked to the car after work (Linkou is higher than Taipei, so cooler and windier) and when I went to pay a bill at the 7-11 near home, I was comfortable without even needing to roll up my sleeves. I figure this isn’t bad compared to Houston or Phoenix: even if it gets a lot worse I can stand three months of awful. It’s when it goes on for five or six that I’m really bothered. I do hope it doesn’t get too hot to walk to the store, though – that would be annoying.

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