not meant to be adventure travel

Next week should be interesting. I have to go for some training in Hsinchu, another city an hour from work and a couple hours from Taipei. I was going to be able to ride with someone else, but now it looks like she won’t be going, so I’m on my own. I think I will drive: I could take a train but it just seems even more complicated, and with Ted away I have full custody of the car. I’ll be staying overnight, so I will also have to figure out how to get from the hotel where the training is to the one I’m staying at (they wouldn’t let me stay in the same hotel because apparently it’s too expensive). Unfortunatlely, Google Maps is the only online mapping site I can find that covers Taiwan, and it’s only in Chinese. I guess this is where I put the GPS to the test. Eek. Or else figure out how to buy train tickets.

I’ve had the earrings I’m wearing today for a few years, but I’d forgotten they had Chinese “coins” on the back, with characters on them. I tried looking up the characters on my own, but couldn’t get too far with the meaning – there are four: going clockwise from the top they show a plant sprouting, meaning going outward; the words for flat and for entrance; and a woman under a roof, which has the meaning peaceful. I asked a coworker, and apparently the four together say something about peace and safety as you go in and out – that is, as you travel. Maybe I’ll wear them to the training for luck.

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