also not a mother

I could probably post one difference a day out here. Today’s was a nice one: at work, someone came around and gave every female employee a flower and a bar of fancy (Lush) soap for Mother’s Day, whether or not she was actually a mother. (In fact, the vast majority of women I know who work here don’t have kids.) My colleagues and I are now curious to see if they do anything for Father’s Day, which comes in August here.

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  1. Josine Says:

    Hi Paula

    Found your site via VNT ie Dutch Club, interesting how information gets around. I was already wondering what happened with Mother’s Day at ASML. To solve your question: last year Father’s Day every male employee (father or not) got a hong bao containing movie tickets and Movenpick ice cream coupons.

    CU, Josine.

    If you want to check out our blog, you’ll find it at

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