a trip back

It’s kind of strange visiting the place you used to live a month after you’ve moved away. Convenient, though – we know where all our favorite restaurants are, we’re familiar with the hotel, we’ve kept a membership at the local rowing club, we know the driving laws, and we know our way around in general. It’s also been a geat opportunity to do things we meant to do but didn’t get around to before we left.

The last time we ate at our favorite restaurant here (Bistro Tout le Monde, which anyone who’s visited us will rememer fondly) we saw they had a couple of new special dinners. There was a fish / shellfish one that looked good, but the idea that really interested us was the Trip Around the World. Eight (small) courses, each from the cuisine of a different country, and you have to make reservations at least two days in advance. We made the reservations last week and went for dinner Friday. Mmmm…. everything from Norwegian smoked salmon wrapped around crevettes to springbok with chocolate sauce (from Africa), finishing off with an Austrian apple strudel. Good stuff, and I always love walking into a place where they know me.

On Sunday we went to the boathouse to watch a race, so I got to cheer for my quad with their new person. They did well, I think, though they were the only women’s 4x in the race so they’d have won anyway. Ted’s doubles partner was just getting over an illness so he didn’t race.

Last night, Ted finally got to go to a football (soccer) game in the company box, to watch PSV play Italy. He enjoyed it, but said it was quieter than he expected. He hasn’t mentioned the actual game at all, though, possibly because they lost (someone else told me). Meanwhile, I went to a local cafe where the knitting club meets. It wasn’t a meeting week, but one of the knitters came out to meet me there. (And the cafe people recognized me as a regular, which was nice. I feel like I still have a place here.) She and her boyfriends are the ones who took our cat, so I got to hear about him. It sounds like it’s working out relaly well; he likes to sit in her lap (though not her boyfriend’s!) and she says he’s “the sweetest cat ever”. The bad news is that he may have diabetes, so she’ll keep me updated.

Today I got to have a “ladies’ lunch” with two of my former co-workers; we’d planned this a few times over the year we worked together but had to cancel for one reason or another, so I suggested we try it again while I was here and this time it worked. We’ll try to do it again next time I come back, only this time without the requirement for XX chromosomes and with my former boss invited.

And tomorrow, we’ve got a dinner invitation. Before we left, we had Ted’s rowing partner and his wife over for dinner, which we intended partly as a thank-you because he’s done so muh for Ted – the biggest thing was driving to Germany with Ted to pick up the new Empacher and bring it back. (Since we didn’t have a car with a boatrack, that would have been difficult otherwise.) However, they’re just rfusing to stay thanked, and have invited us to dinner in return, so we’ll get to go have a nice Dutch meal there.

So it’s been a very good visit, though we’re looking forward to getting home next week. The day after we get there, we finally get to have all our stuff delivered! It will be so nice not to have just the clothes I could bring in a suitcase. And it will also be good to have the ergs and weights there, if I want to be able to still fit into my clothes.

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