Galapagos Trip: About the trip

We visited the Galapagos islands aboard the Reina Silvia, a 91′ ship, along with 10 passengers (including us), 7 crew members and our amazing guide Fernando. Fernando is a marine biologist, former member of the Galapagos National Park Service, diver, and the guy who runs the Galapagos Challenge triathlon, so he pretty much knows everything about the Galapagos – it was obvious when we met him that we were in good hands.

Our ship’s passenger list included a doctor, a music teacher, a choral director, a lawyer, three engineers of various kinds, two retirees, a nice Jewish family, a speech language pathologist, three generations, a brother and sister, one single woman, three married couples, two women and a man whose significant others didn’t come along, two people even shorter than I am and one only barely taller, a triathlete, a swimmer, two rowers, two river rats, a couple of skiers, and ten people who like to travel. (There are a total of ten people included in that list above.)


The Ecuadorian government strictly controls who comes to the Galapagos, where they can go and when they can be at each island. There are two basic itineraries, eastern and western; we took the eastern route, visiting more of the smaller islands.


Fernando kept us busy – here’s a sample agenda for just one day.

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