the weekend’s wines

2012 Winemaker’s Red blend
Columbia Valley, WA
Bought at Fred Meyer
With spaghetti and meat sauce. Aroma is spicy, color is very dark. With food, this has flavors of raisins (or maybe just too much grape skin; when you drink this without food (after swishing water around your mouth, or just after you finish eating) there’s a harsh and unpleasant flavor that hits toward the rear sides of the tongue, followed by more spice flavors at the very finish. These red blends can be relatively inexpensive “house wines” that are great with food and not too fancy to have any time … but this isn’t a great one.
Ted: 2.6 (when drunk with food), Paula: 2.3

Dobbs Family Estate
2014 Pinot Noir ($28)
Willamette Valley OR (multiple vineyards)
We bought this at their tasting room, on the main street of Dundee.
With grilled shrimp and asparagus, as well as homemade bread. We had lemon butter to dip the shrimp and asparagus as well as seasoned olive oil to dip the bread in. This wine is darker in color but light in flavor. Well balanced, with rounded earth flavors. There’s a more bitter earth flavor that lingers at the end after the last swallow.
Paula: 3.2 Ted: 3.0 = “look for at the right price”, where the right price would be <$20 3/26: We didn't have wine with dinner, but we headed out to a couple of the vineyards we belong to - we had to pick up the biannual shipment from Montinore - this time it includes a white blend (Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, very dry), their new 2014 Pinot Noir, their first Sangiovese, last year's Rose, and their Reserve Gewurztraminer, which is surprisingly dry for a gewurz). We also picked up another Pinot Noir to age a year or two, as well as a couple of their Muller-Thurgaus, which are quite cheap ($8) and a great wine for someone who is not really used to wine or for anyone who prefers wine on the sweeter side. After that we stopped by Ardiri. They are having a 50% off sale on their 2011 Pinot Noir, which we've really been liking lately. I swear Ardiri wine changes more than most, even from week to week, but the 2011 should have settled down by now and I really like the warm spice nose it's developed. 3/27/2016 Sokol Blosser Evolution No vintage, sparkling white (doesn't say what grapes are included) Dundee, OR bought at the vineyard It's the weekend, let's have champagne! Well, ok, locally made sparkling wine according to the methode champagnoise. When we bought this one, we noted that it would be best with food, and we were right. We had this with Red Minestrone with Winter Greens Pesto, except this was actually yellow minestrone, since our CSA gave us yellow beets. I even used some of the champagne in the minestrone – why not? It called for a bit of white wine to deglaze the pot with, and I like to cook with whatever I’ll be drinking. Normally I think of sparkling wine as something to drink before or after a meal, but this actually went really well with the food. The flavors became more complex as the wine warms up a bit, after coming out of the fridge. Slightly sweet in front, with a tangy finish and flavors of apple and pear. Very effervescent.
Paula: 4 Ted: 3.4


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