lake weekend

Back to our normal wine-drinking habit this weekend, after all the excitement of last week’s trip to Dundee. We went down to the lake this weekend and managed to get a fair bit of rowing in – nice weather Saturday, and we got out on the water before Sunday’s rains started.

Friday night, 3/8/2016
Kirkland (yes, we bought a Costco house brand wine!)
2010, Rioja Reserva
Spain, no idea what vineyard
bought at Costco
With hamburgers. (Why not?) Austere, probably a bit overaged. This was smooth and drinkable but had no fruit flavors left. Distinct tannins. No acidity to speak of, just overarching tannin structure.
Paula: 2.3 Ted: 2.7

2011, Due Stati Pinot Noir
75% Willamette Valley OR, 25% Napa Valley CA
bought at the vineyard
With grilled salmon, tomato/mozzarella salad, homemade bread. Very fruity, with strawberry flavors all the way through, and earth flavors at the finish, all on top of structured tannins. No unpleasant flavors, even if you aerate the wine or hold it in your mouth for 30 seconds. (Many wines do have overpowering tannins or acidity develop when you do either of those.) We had a lot of Árdíri wines, because this is a local vineyard, and we’re members of their club. Their Pinots seem to be extremely variable over time – you can have one, and then have it again a month later and notice different things. Lately we’ve really been liking their 2011s and 2012s.
Paula: 3.5 Ted: 3.5

Christopher Michael
2012 Cabernet Sauvignon
grapes from Washington, bottled in Oregon
probably bought at New Seasons
With Hungarian Goulash Soup and homemade bread. Rounded, jammy front. Tannins ramp up through the palate, with spice flavors at the finish. We had some of this winery’s Pinot Noir a few weeks ago and didn’t like it much, but this one wasn’t bad – decent but not remarkable.
Paula and Ted both: 3 (look for at < $10)

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