catching up on the weekend’s wines

I spent last week in Arizona for work, and it was great – got to meet up with some of my favorite people and visit some of my favorite places there. (That’s why the last wine I blogged has four people rating it.) And then I came home, we headed down to the lake, and we made up for lost sleep and lost wine 🙂 So here are the weekend’s wines, and a few pictures.

The lake we rowed on in Tempe – that previous wine I rated was at Caffe Boa, about 5 minutes’ walk away:

Tempe Town Lake

The last day there, I got a coworker to come out to Chandler airport for lunch (no wine, it was a workday). This is where we did most of our pilot training, and the Hangar Cafe is right by the flightline, where you can watch the planes take off and land.

Chandler airport

I got back home Thursday night, and on Friday we headed out to our lake:

our lake

We had wine there on Friday and Saturday night:
Willakenzie Estate
2014 Pinot Gris
from the Yamhill-Carlton region, Oregon
bought at Fred Meyer
With sauteed shrimp and steamed broccoli. This wine has an acidic backbone (well, the label said that but we agree) with flavors of pear and hints of pomelo on the palate. (Pomelo is like grapefruit but milder.) A little heavy on the acidity / tartness.
Ted: 2.6 Paula 2.8

Grayson Cellars
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
California (labeled implied they use grapes from several vineyards)
bought at New Seasons
With grilled steaks, herbed new potatoes, tossed salad and bread. Low key, open front that rapidly transitions smoke and tobacco flavors on the finish. This wine only has two stages, front and back (not aroma, palate and finish) and the front is a bit watery but the finish is well balanced.
Paula 3.2 Ted: 3.4

Then we came back to Hillsboro, erged (it was raining too hard to row before we left the lake), and had a nice lazy Sunday afternoon, where we cracked open a sparkling wine just because.

2014, Rose of Pinot Noir
Yamhill-Carlton, Oregon (this is the region near us, by the way)
Bought at the wineyard
With popcorn and then by itself. This sparkling rose looks fancy but is easy to drink – good for a casual day. Not much complexity, very drinkable, not too dry or too sweet. A good sparkling wine for any time.
Paula: 3 (“buy at the right prince – the right price would be about $15) Ted: 3.2 at $15ish

Then on Monday we weren’t going to have still more wine, but we ended up making chicken Marsala (Paula) and salade caprese (Ted) – doesn’t this dinner cry out for wine to go with it? (Just one glass apiece, though!)

leap day dinner

El Cortijillo
2014, white
La Mancha region, Spain (where they probably get tired of Don Quixote jokes!)
bought at Fred Meyer
With chicken Marsala and salade caprese (wee above!). Very dry – like a vino verde without the fruit flavors. Drinkable, nothing wrong with it but nothing that jumps out and says “Drink me!”
Paula: 2.5 Ted: 2.8

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