San Giorgio white blend, Coelho Pinot Noir

Finally, some wines from vineyards whose win clubs we don’t belong to.

San Giorgio
2014, white
55% Pinot Grigio, 45% Garganega
Venezie, Italy
Fred Meyer’s? Maybe New Seasons
With parmesan-crusted tilapia (bought pre-prepared from the store, and we were Not Impressed) , asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and couscous. Fresh and well balanced. Soft apple flavors in front, with a pleasant tartness lingering after you swallow. Would be a good ‘house white’ – both relatively cheap and versatile.
Paula: 3.5 Ted: 3.4
(Ted had a really hard time rating this one – whites just aren’t his thing, but some meals demand it.

2013, Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley, OR
bought at New Seasons
With roast chicken (also from New Seasons), tossed salad, sourdough bread. Very light pinot, in color and flavor. Not much flavor in front and a texture that is the opposite of syrupy (we tossed around words like “thin” or “airy” but couldn’t settle on one). Light earth flavors on the finish. Definitely didn’t overpower the chicken. Ted thought it had some unpleasant flavors on the finish but Paula disagreed, hence the divergent ratings.
Ted: 2.5 Paula 3.0

Also, the store-bought chicken didn’t have the weird artificial flavors of the ones from Fred Meyers, but was too dry, like the ones from Whole Foods. We still haven’t found one nearly as good as homemade – or even better, the raw but premarinated, ready-for-cooking ones we used to get from Albert Heijn back in the Netherlands.

Tomorrow: Valentine’s Day wine-blending event at Montinore.

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