Is Alphabet City next to Suffragette City

Another Montinore – but take heart! Tomorrow I am making pot roast and we’ll have a horizontal tasting of Abacela wines, and Sunday we plan to visit a few local wineries. This is one of Montinore’s special wines – they say it’s blended in small batches so they can use labor-intensive techniques like whole cluster, longer cool fermentations, and foot pigeage (I presume this means stomping).

2012 Alphabet City
Willamette Valley, OR
wine club (probably)
With bronzed grilled salmon (that’s when you don’t quite blacken it!), grilled leeks, steamed carrots, and sourdough bread. This one needs lots of aeration – it was better at the end of our meal than the start. The back of the wine is a little rough, with flavors of earth/tobacco/tannin; this would be gerat with a rounded fruity start, but unfortunately this wine’s start is shallow and has flavors of rust (or at least, more like that than anything else we can think of).
Ted: 2.8 Paula: 2.3, but I’d be curious to try it again and open it an hour or more before dinner.

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