Further saga of the washing machine (but a good weekend away from it all)

Further saga of the washing machine (but a good weekend away from it all)

Thursday 6/19: I had to come home just slightly early so they could check to see if everything was still damp.

Friday 6/20: Arranged with ServPro to com out in the brief window at noon where we were home from work getting ready to leave for the weekend. (THat company was very good about setting appointments and showing up on time. Yay, everything was dry! That meant he could take the monster fans out, and we could leave the cats home alone for the weekend.

The weekend at the lake was very nice, more on that later.

Sunday: We gothome and hooked up the washer and dryer – they are standing on bare floor rather than linoleum in a room with no baseboards and there’s a hole cut in the ceiling of the powder room below, but at least we can do laundry.

Monday 6/23: The insurance people finally called to make an appointment, but they call when I’m in a meeting so I have to call back. Turns out the soonest they can come is Friday – and not even at the end of a workday, but Friday morning, which will make the fourth time one of us has had to miss work / work from home due to the stupid washing machine.

The weekend was great, though. We hosted three women from my local knitting group at our lake house, which is only a half hour from the Eugene fiber festival Black Sheep Gathering. We spent Saturday at the Gathering, of course, but there was lots of knitting on the deck, watching the trees and the lake, and I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time. We made the food easy – pizza on Friday night, hamburgers, veggie burgers and hotdogs on Saturday. We provided those plus wine, and people brought breakfast and dessert stuff, not to mention beer and hard lemonade. There had been plans for movie watching and such, but everyone seemed pretty happy just to hang out and knit, appreciating the lake and the perfect weather. There was a minor contretemps with an air mattress, so now we know to make the head end of the bed away from the dial that inflates and deflates the mattress. We may make this an annual thing; besides the three we had, we can sleep about two more people in comfort, or more if people share beds. We would need more chairs on the deck, but that’s doable – we want to upgrade our deck furniture, and if we haven’t done it by then, there’s always the stacable plastic variety.

(Also, Ted gets a hefty share of husbandly brownie points, for hosting a bunch of women he’d barely met, and being both social and active on the housework front. I think they were impressed, actually.)

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