the washing machine saga

I am recording this here mostly for my own reference but also to have a place where I can point people for details when I gripe about our washer issues.

Approx 5/15- 5/30/2014: Our Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine, bought new in February 2013, a top-loading HE model, was being weird – it kept leaving clothes wet at the end of a cycle, so I’d have to run an extra spin cycle.

Sunday: 6/1/2014: Washing machine died completely. When we turned it on, it would do the sensing, then stop and refuse to run. (This was right after Ted ran a few loads of laundry and before I did mine!)

Thursday: 6/5/2014: Repairman came and told us it needed a new transmission and ‘splutch’ (sic), which would cost about $500 to replace.

Saturday: 6/7/2014: At the lake house for the weekend. Did laundry there. Very helpful to have a backup!

Sunday, 6/8/2014 Came home, went and bought a new washer. (Still a top-loader HE but an LG this time.)

Saturday, 6/14/2014:
Noon: New washer installed. We run a cleaning cycle and a load of sheets.
6PM: Ted notices a dripping sound, then sees a few water drips from the ceiling of the powder room directly below the laundry room. Finds that the washer appears to have been dripping all day, because the inlet hose wasn’t properly connected. We mop up water, and he tightens the connection but turns off water to the washer just in case.
7PM: I call Best Buy store, who tell me to call Geek Squad, who tells me I have to physically go to the store and file a damage claim.
7:30-8:30: We stand around at Best Buy while the Geek Squad people fill in what is apparently very complex paperwork. They tell me someone will call on Monday to arrange a time to come out and check damage.

Monday, 6/16/2014: Nobody calls. Toward the end of the day I try calling the Geek Squad, who transfer me to a fulfillment center (?) who cannot help me because I don’t have the claim number with me at work and they can’t look it up any other way.

Tuesday, 6/17/2014: I bring the claim number with me and call the number the people at the store gave me for the fulfillment center. This time I get connected to a nice man who tells me the Best Buy people tend to be confused by the warranty process but he’ll have someone from the warehouse call me. Warehouse manager eventually does so, and wants to come to the house to look at it. I have an early afternoon meeting, so we arrange to meet at the house around 3.
3:40: I call the warehouse because no one has shown up. The person who answers me says that manager has already left but she left a note that she sent me an email. Apparently she didn’t want to call because I was in a meeting, so she emailed me to say that she doesn’t need to come out after all. But it was my personal mail – didn’t check it before leaving work, didn’t check it after getting home because I was working from home. As requested in the email I send pictures of the damage (two tiny paint bubbles in the powder room ceiling) plus a picture of the washing machine hoses where they were hooked up wrong.

Wednesday 6/18/2014 (today): Talk to warehouse manager again. She is very nice and apologizes. She promises to do what she can to have an insurance adjuster call today. She comments that the hose hookups are cross-threaded, probably due to the initial installation because Ted wouldn’t have been likely to tighten them that much. She also gives me the name of ServPro, a firm that deals with water damage, that they use a lot. I call them and they arrange to have someone come out at 3 today.
3:30: After looking around and using his dowsing rod (OK, it’s an infrared sensor that determines where the damp cooler areas are), ServPro guy tells me it will cost about $1500-$2500, but he can have a crew come out right away if I want – they’re on the way back from another job.
4:00: While talking to him the insurance adjuster calls. He makes it clear he can’t pay ServPro directly but that we will need to pay and he’ll reimburse us IF the assessment shows that they are liable. I have him talk directly to ServPro guy to get an idea of exactly what damage has occurred. He seems to think it will be OK, but reiterates that he can’t guarantee anything until they do their assessment, and that he can’t send anyone out to fix the damage after the moisture is dealt with.
4:30: ServPro crew arrives.
6:30: They’re still here, taking my house apart and sucking out water. (Did I mention that only about a couple cupfuls of water caused all this angst? But I can smell the moisture where they have the floor torn up, and they tell me that the flooring was wet enough that it pretty much just crumbled – they just took out a giant trashbag full of what I guess are flooring bits.)
7PM: They’re still here. And I’ve realized we can’t use the washer, dryer until Monday, and using the powder room means navigating around that huge fan and tubing.

Thursday 6/19: Came home a bit early so I could let the ServPro guys in to check the moisture levels – drying out nicely.

Friday 6/20: ServPro guys found everything had dried, so they were able to remove the giant monster fans. Huzzah!

Monday 6/23: Insurance people finally called to make an appointment – earliest available was Friday morning. I’ve had previous phone calls with the main adjust but he had to have someone else come out to see what needed to be repaired.

Tuesday 6/24: realized the washer connections are still leaking after all. Called insurance person to explain this, left message.

Wednesday, 6/25. Insurance person calls back, says she will talk to warehouse manager who needs to figure out how to deal with washing machine (not sure if it can be fixed or must be replaced). She and I both leave messages, but have not heard back by Friday.

Friday, 6/27: Insurance adjuster comes out and inspects damage. We try again to talk to warehouse manager but she’s not in yet. Leave a message with someone else there.

Sunday, 6/29: Insurance guy called back and sent estimate for repairs.

Monday, 6/30: Finally got hold of warehouse manager, was told to call the store where we bought the washer. Did so. They’re going to fill out a separate claim to repair the washer itself – luckily, they seem able to copy information from the original form, so I didn’t have to spend forever on the phone. Same day, guy came out from ServPro’s repair division to check out the fix. Tells me he’ll have someone call to scheduled repairs.

Tuesday, 7/1: Still no call to schedule. I check back. He says he’ll get them on it.

Thursday, July 4: Best Buy calls – somehow I don’t hear phone so they leave message that they’ve scheduled delivery of washer for Tuesday July 8. We do not want washer delivered until repairs have been made so I call back (cell phones, yay – we were 300 miles away at the time visiting family) and schedule delivery for Saturday July 19.

Monday, July 7: Receive email from ServPro – we have to sign an authorization form, then they can schedule repairs. I sign form, scna and send back. We also go to flooring place as instructed and pick out tile.

Tuesday, July 8: Receive email from Best Buy that they are delivering washer TODAY. Thunk head into desk repeatedly. Also call Best Buy but they are unable to reschedule. Nice man on the phone says if we just aren’t there, they can’t deliver and will call us to reschedule. We suspect instead that the washer will vanish and we’ll never get it. Called the main number of the repairs place, since the project manager wasn’t responding, and finally got them scheduled. Called Best Buy again, because I noticed washer hoses weren’t listed in delivery email, and this time talked to someone who put me on hold, called warehouse, and rescheduled delivery to Saturday (and told them to bring hoses). Bill arrived for repair work.

Thursday, July 10: Ted was able to stay home. ServPro people came and fixed hole in powder room ceiling, but not flooring in laundry room. I call them again to check. Project manager calls me back (and apologizes for not responding previously) and explains that flooring had to be ordered – in fact, he went with our second choice flooring, because out first choice would have taken two weeks to get here. Flooring scheduled to arrive Friday, when baseboards would also be put in place and they and powder room ceiling painted. Then Best Buy called – they were going to be delivering washer next day, Friday. WTF is wrong with these people’s calendars?? Told them to bring it Saturday, in case there’s any reason not to put washer on flooring right after installing it. (Adhesive that needs to dry?) Also spoke to insurance agent. We agreed I would call him when repairs were done to make sure it was all within the estimate, and he’d then cut us a check for the remediation plus repairs.

Friday, July 11: Flooring replaced, baseboards replaced, painting. Was supposed to take 2-3 hours, but only one guy showed up and it took from 1PM until – well, it’s after 7 and he’s still here. Did not get a time for washer delivery; the autmated system said it was now scheduled for 7/19 – the date I’d originally asked for!!! ONly now we’ve made plans for that weekend and it took me another half hour on the phone to get it rescheduled for the Friday before. Good grief.

Currently up to 17 separate days on which we had to either talk to someone on the phone or have them out at the house. Some days had multiple phone calls, or call + visit.

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