catching up some more

There has been some happier stuff in the last month, though in a way I still feel like I’m waiting for Dad’s death to really hit me.

On Memorial Day weekend we bought kayaks, so now we have multiple ways to get out on our lake. I’ve really enjoyed paddling, because it’s such a different experience from rowing; it’s like the difference between hiking vs training for a running race; you’re just out there, paddling around, stopping whenever you feel like it to look around and appreciate the lake and the woods around it. There’s really no better way to appreciate how beautiful good weather in Oregon can be.

Last week I had another cool opportunity due to the book: I was invited to go out and speak to an executives’ group in Rhode Island. So I flew out Wednesday, spoke Thursday morning and flew right back. I’m still a bit mindboggled at how much they paid for my time, considering airfare, hotel, and a copy of my book for each of their members, but they seemed happy with me and they were a good participative audience. It was fun – all I need now are enough people who want me to speak or consult and I can have a new career!

Next weekend we are hosting a retreat; some of my local knitters are coming out to the lake house, which is nearby to Eugene’s Black Sheep Gathering. So we’ll knit during the day and hang out and drink wine in the evening. This is the first time we’ve done this, but we’d love to have houseparties or rowing workshops there, so we’re hoping it works out well.

And a brief commercial: when we were in Philly helping Mom get cleaned out, we used 1-800-GOT-JUNK to haul away the stuff that couldn’t be donated. They must just google periodically for their name, because they found where I’d written about it, and asked me to include a link. Since we really were pleased with their service, which was efficient and exactly as promised (and admittedly, I used the contact with their guy to plug my book to him!), you will see the direct link in the beginning of this paragraph. They are franchised in a bunch of cities.

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