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Definitely not in the Netherlands now! We’re just beginning our second year in Oregon, and still liking it here a lot. I’m starting a new project at work that’s pretty much all the stuff I wrote about in my book, so that’s exciting. Speaking of the book, the big news is that it’s now listed on Amazon – not to mention B&N, Powell’s and Chapters, but the Amazon listing shows the cover design. It’s only available for pre-order now, and will be released April 23 (Shakespeare’s birthday!).

Still, even though work is going well, it was nice to have time out of the office over the holidays – we spent most of the time down at Rowell, the lake house. Ted’s parents and one grandfather joined us for Christmas, then we had a quiet New Year’s there, aside from a few fireworks in the neighborhood. We did both do some work from there, but somehow it’s still a lot more relaxing than being actually at work. Otherwise, there was lots of cooking, lots of wine, lots of sleeping in, some rowing, and a hike on New Year’s Day – that photo above is from along Fall Creek, only half an hour or so from our place.

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  1. Marsha Berman Says:

    Is that part of the Northwestern rain forest? Certainly looks like it.

    Congratulations on being an official AUTHOR! We’re so proud of you!

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