new house!

On Friday we had our closing, got our keys, and moved the first batch of stuff from our apartment. Here’s me unpacking the dishes we bought:


Saturday was the Great Festival of Delivery: we had five different groups of people bringing in our major appliances (fridge, washer, dryer); most of the furniture (except the sofa, which takes longer, and a few backordered items); Ted’s monster TV; the key to our mailbox; and our mattress. Luckily the mattress came after the bed.

The house is almost done now; we’ve been scurrying around picking up small things, like kitchen canisters for flour and sugar, a spice rack, sheets because the ones we brought from Taiwan are too small, towels, and so on. This weekend we’ll borrow a panel truck and bring up most of the stuff from Lowell. I have no idea what’s still left there that we could possibly need, except our bikes. I know there’s some clothing, another rowing machine, some hangers for our clothes, mixing bowls, and some books, but half of a large room there is full of boxes and I can’t imagine what’s in all of them.

Here are some photos from during the delivery process, and the kitchen as it looks now.






Some of our bedroom furniture has secret identities. The coolest piece is the vanity we bought to use as my desk: here it is looking all mild-mannered, then after a quick trip to a handy phone booth:



2 Responses to “new house!”

  1. Jane Says:

    Kitchen: drool!
    Bedroom: what size is the bed? Is there more room than shows in the picture?
    Love the campaign chest/desk.
    What wood is the dining table?

  2. Marsha Berman Says:

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! What kind of mattress did you get. I love our Temper-pedic, Dad couldn’t care less. We have a housewarming gift for you -it just came in, and will give it to you next month. Enjoy living in houses that are YOURS, with all your things in them.

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