new food

…well, not completely new; I’ve had yakitori before, where it was just chicken barbecued on a skewer. But I’ve never been to an entire yakitori restaurant before. That took things to a new level. It wasn’t just random bits of chicken on a stick; they had something like 25 different kinds of chicken on a stick, plus some other stuff. There were chicken breast, leg, neck or wing on a stick (I think they performed some surgery on the wing preparatory to imapling it, because the bones do not line up that way in nature). There was seasoned pieces of minced chicken, with seasoned salt, black pepper or wasabi on it (these three were my favorites) or with raw egg to dip it into (yuck).

And for variety, there were tiny tomatoes interspersed with tinier bits of chicken, or lengths of asparagus wrapped in thin slices of something of the porkish persuasion that was neither ham nor bacon, or mushrooms with tiny paperthin bits of something (fish?) that waved back at me due to the heat of the mushrooms. Here, look for yourself (there was no breeze in the room, I promise):

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  1. Marsha Berman Says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t the fish that was waving?

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