Rowing on our lake

Well, it was a great trip overall; we really enjoyed finally getting to row from our house, as well as socializing with friends and family. Also, we bought a big sofa, which will be delivered next time we visit, so the house will be even more comfortable.

The trip was only marred at the very last minute, when I managed to leave my wallet in a store in the Portland airport and only realized when we got to Amsterdam. I’ve talked to the people in the store, and they have it and will be sending it to me, fortunately – it’s got credit cards, bank cards and drivers licenses from two countries, not so easy to replace. I just hope it gets here before my next trip to the US, which is only a couple weeks away. I am having my bank cards canceled and reissued, so at least the Dutch ones should get here in time.

And here are the pictures to prove it did happen! (Er, the rowing, not the wallet loss.)

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  1. Jane Says:

    I never realized how *long* your boats are!

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