to London to see the Queen

Well, that was London Visit Part II for me, part I for Mom. We saw the Changing of the Guards (actually, just the outside parades – there was too big a crowd to see whatever happened inside the gates), the Queen’s Gallery, the Royal Mews, the Tower of London, some shopping including Liberty, Hamley’s toy store, and Waterstone’s (biggest book store in Europe), the British Museum, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and Westminster Cathedral. (The latter is Catholic, not Anglican. Mom left her camera there and when we realized it, we didn’t have time to go back and get it before leaving to catch our bus to the airport, but the nice lady who answered the phone said they’d hold it for her.) We stayed in Morgan House, ten minutes’ walk from the Victoria Station toward Belgravia – the room was tiny but reasonably priced, and the bed and the breakfast both were good. (Or at least I assume the breakfast would be if you didn’t happen to dislike both eggs and the floppy stuff the English refer to as “bacon”.) I’ve concluded that as long as I’m not in a hurry and don’t mind having total strangers told where I’m from and where I live, my mom is a pretty good person to travel with. She’s not speedy, but she can walk all day and not seem to get tired.

Back to the Netherlands, we spent a rainy Saturday at Het Loo, the palace built by Stadthouder Willem III of Orange, who with his wife later ruled England as William and Mary. It’s gorgeous inside, and just about all of it is restored with period furnishings (of several different Willems) and open to visitors. Sunday was a bit nicer; we debated between the Keukenhof and Madurodam, deciding on the latter because we hadn’t been there and because we really thought Mom would like it more. I think it was a good choice: this way she got to see all the sights of the country. If she didn’t get to see the Keukenhof, at least she got to see the bulb fields next to them (in 1:25 scale) and if she doesn’t get to Utrecht to climb to the top of the Dom, she’s at least seen it – in a version not quite three times as tall as herself. We’re regretting that we didn’t see it when we first got here – Ted says the Madurodam map is the best tourist guide he’s seen here!

Before she leaves, we’ll spend a couple of days in Amsterdam, so she can see another great city. I think she’s champing at the bit to get back to London, though! I’ll post photos eventually, but might not get them up before the last of our May visitors leave.

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  1. Marsha Says:

    Thanks for your kind (/) comments about the woman who gave you birth). Eventually, i’ll have time to down load the software disc that I just found in the box from my digital camera, and send you the London pictures.. Aklthough I really enjoyed seeing you both, you were wonderful hosts, and I truly enjoyed seeing as much of the Netherlands as I did, I was chomping at the bit to get back to London. Wonder if NHS would open a site there, guess who their first volunteer to help open it would be? The Whitechapel walking tour was great, I had no problem changing lines each time I used the Tube {yea, Mom!}, got in my visit to Tate Britain, saw the Turners, and had a highlight tour, then rushed back on the Tube (2 more changes) for the Harry Potter tour, and that was just Sunday. Oh, and I had a Cornish pasty for lunch & dinner. Hope you enjoyed Paris. Love

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