….the world just exploded

Last time we were here for New Years’ Eve, we had a perfect seat to watch the fireworks, with windows in three directions. This year, our only view is of our own terrace, which is shielded so we can’t see the street (and the street can’t see us). This meant we had to go out on the patio to see the fireworks, so ironically our bad view ended up making them seem even more overpowering, just because we were outside. Since we’re in the center of the city, they were all around us, including some from our neighbors’ balconies. And they were everywhere, not little firecrackers but big sky-filling fireworks, from Roman candles on up. We’ve heard bangs steadily since afternoon, and constantly since about ten, but just before midnight the show began and it went for quite a while. It’s almost one and still going, though now I’m mostly hearing bangs and not seeing stars.

Happy new year! Here’s hoping 2012 brings much happiness and prosperity, with fewer disappointments and less sad news all around.

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  1. Jane H Says:

    hauoli makahiki hou (in Hawaiian)

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