saying goodbye to Taiwan, hello whatever’s next

It always feels strange saying goodbye. For me it’s a weird feeling being back at my old desk; I still work with my old colleagues sometimes but not as much. I don’t know if I’ll be back here – if I do have trips back to Taiwan for work, they could easily be to Hsinchu or Tainan instead of Taipei. Ted will certainly be back, but it’s still a big deal to leave the department you built from the ground up and all the people you’ve worked with for three years. We’ve had a bunch of hassles closing out our bank accounts, but I think it’s all dealt with now (fingers crossed!). And yes, that’s plural; it turned out mine was still open though I thought it had been closed months ago. Tomorrow the movers come to pack up; as with the last two times, the challenge will be to make sure they take all of our stuff and only our stuff, since it’s a furnished apartment.

Meanwhile, we’ve been thinking about what we’ll do after this stint in the Netherlands (still a mystery), and about the house in Oregon. We’re hoping to spend Christmas there, if everything works out. We won’t be doing anything to it soon, but Ted had the most brilliant idea ever for the mystery bathroom. That’s the very large room (seriously, about 11′ square, plus a toilet alcove) that contains a toilet, two sinks, and a tub that’s not hooked up. We haven’t figured out why anyone would turn a room that big into a bath, especially with three full baths already in the house including one literally next toor. It’s a nice room, though, with a tile floor, and we’ve been playing around with ideas – hot tub? wine cellar? Ted’s latest suggestion is that we build bookshelves all around, put a big rug on the floor, a couple of comfy chairs, and make it into a library. The coolest part is what to do about the plumbing: keep the toilet in the alcove, add a small sink, and put in a camouflaged door in the form of a rotating bookshelf. Add a tiny drinks fridge and a snack cupboard and he may never get me out of there!

I don’t know how likely that all is, but it’s a lot of fun to think about. 🙂

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