the new place

Poor Mom has managed to avoid moving house for nearly 44 years, but I ruined her streak. Actually, over the past few weeks, Ted and I have inflicted moving on three out of our four parents; only my Dad escaped. Mom tried to avoid it, napping on the couch while the movers packed up the old place, but she did unpack a lot of the books in the new apartment. At least she didn’t get stuck with the big move Ted’s parents did!

Anyway, here’s the new apartment – you enter on the first floor, and that’s where the bedrooms are. Please excuse the mess and boxes, and click on photos if you want to see them bigger. They’re a pretty good size, for bedrooms here, but note the small amount of clothing storage:

There is a huge laundry / storage room, though, and decks on both levels – this is the lower one:

The bath is nicer than the one in the previous place, and as usual here the toilet is separate (a Dutch person once said to me, “Doesn’t it bother you having the toilet right in there with the bath?”)

Here’s Mom’s least favorite part of the flat:

Here’s what’s at the top of those stairs – you can also see a bit of the upper deck:

and the dining room and kitchen:

By the way, the step-stools you see in the master bedroom and the kitchen are *not* there because I’m still moving in – I need those just to reach everyday things. The lower edge of those kitchen cabinets is about level with my chin!

3 Responses to “the new place”

  1. Jane Hotchkiss Says:

    Love the kitchen – looks like adequate counterspace! The rest is not to be sneezed at.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Looks great, was the placed outfitted with IKEA? (Chuckle, chuckle.) Best of luck on the new flat, I like the nice private deck area. Can play my guitar and be outside.

  3. marsha Says:

    I enjoyed being the first person to see your new place (other than you and Ted), and visiting you and all the sightseeing was beyond words.

    I did like it, my knees just didn’t like the steps, especially the couple of triangular ones at the top. After a while, the steps did get a little easier.

    Mazel tov and may the two of you enjoy living there together.

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