not a rowing report

There’s no way I have energy to write up today’s rowing, but I thought I should post to say I survived it rather, the 2/3 of it I rowed, since we had three people in our boat trading off rowing and steering duties. We had two rowers and one cox, making the boat lighter but the row longer, since all the other boats had two of each. It would have been a better day overall if it hadn’t started with locking myself out of my apartment and ended with having to deal with getting back in. I left my keys in the door of my store room, so had to wait for a kindly neighbor to come by and let me into the building and then into the storage area (actually, a restaurant delivery person did the first, but I had to wait for a real neighbor with a key to do the second. Not a major trauma, except that everything is harder when you’ve just rowed about 33 km.

Meanwhile Ted is still struggling with getting the house in order; today’s drama on that end was having the refrigerator delivered and finding out that it couldn’t possibly be gotten into place between the kitchen cabinets and island, which was especially annoying since the person who sold it told him it could be lifted over the island and it turned out the delivery people are actually not allowed to do that. He said it’s just as well, because with the doors open it would come much too close to the island – we’ll either need a shallower fridge or to redo the island. No idea what the previous owners did!

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