Snow outside! Real snow, not like the flurry last time, with big fat flakes that drift upward or sideways as often as down, and the roofs already white.

Given the predicted temperatures, it will probably all be gone by this evening, but it’s still fun to watch. The world is winter-white and gray. The sky is opague, flecked with swirling flakes, and the clouds are low enough to be called fog, so that I can’t see beyond the snow-blanketed roofs of the nearby buildings. When I went to get a cup of hot chocolate, in tribute to the winter scene, the view was even better, because the windows on other sides look out over fields frosted with snow. I may have to go outside in the next few hours, before it all melts or turns to rain, just to scoop up a handful.

I keep reminding myself that Taiwan will be a fun adventure, and that at least it’s cooler than Houston was, but the shortness of our time here is making the experience of this climate precious to me, and the Dutch law that every office must have a window have given me the full glory of fall and of the few tastes of winter we’ve had this warm year. I’ll enjoy the greens of spring as they come back, and I know I’ll love all of the flowers in this country full of bulbs, but just now I’m in no hurry for winter to be gone.

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