the essentials

Some people have the knack of making a place looking homey in a very short time, without spending much money. I, on the other hand, have the much less useful knack of spending gobs of money (in a very short time) and just making the place look cluttered. Lived-in, yeah, that’s it. And I still don’t have a dish to put my new soap in or a rack for the wine I bought today. On the other hand, at least I have the useful things covered, not to mention a pretty clear set of indicators of my priorities: wine to drink and vacuum corks to seal it, pretzels to eat and a container to keep them fresh, nicely scented soap to wash with, an iPhone to play with call people on, speakers to plug my iPod into and so I can hear music, a bathmat to keep my feet warm after showering, a big mug (well, big by local standards, normal in the US) to drink tea out of. Desk supplies so I can write things and file paperwork, herbs and a big pot to cook with, things to wash up with after cooking.

And some tealights to go in the several candle-holders here, so I can at least pretend I’m good at the ornamental side of things.

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