some local photos

Here are some pictures we took around the neighborhood back in November, that I haven’t gotten around to uploading before. The leaves have finally all fallen now and it looks like winter, but the air smells like we skipped it and went straight to spring – it was about 50 degrees when we rowed this morning. Anyway, here they are. Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions.
In order, that’s the canal we row on, looking toward the city; the river that runs by our flat in its autumn plumage; me, obviously; the St. Catherina Kerk down the street from us; another church that was an 18th century abbey; the Centrum looking toward the St Catherina Kerk (this road, the part nearest us, is all bars, actually); and Ted, with our apartment balcony behind him.

Because I’ve just figured out how to do this, here’s some video of my race last month – it’s just under five minutes, but it’s all fairly similar. This is excerpted from a race that lasted over 20 minutes, though. The quality’s not great – I’ve only just learned how to convert a video to MPEG, so that could be part of why, though the original was also largely taken from farther away than optimal (and with Ted riding a bike while filming).

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