home again

In summary:

Five countries visited, all new to us: Italy, Greece, Egypt, Libya (though we never actually got off the ship), Vatican City
Seven cities visited, also all new: Pompeii (well, it was a city, once), Athens, Rhodes, Cairo, Rome, Genoa, Milan.
Four cities driven through but not stopped in: Naples, Pireia (Athen’s port), Alexandria, Civitaveccia (Rome’s port).
Problems in traveling home: None, thankfully – several flights within Europe were canceled yesterday, but thankfully not ours.
Problems found at home: One – the cat decided to show his displeasure at our absence by using our bed as a commode. A while back, evidently, because it was dry and the stain was faint, but the smell required a change of bedding before we could go to sleep.
Two things we are nearly out of: laundry detergent and cat food (not that he deserves any, the little pisher).
Two American things I am missing right now: large washing machines and supermarkets that are open on Sundays. Fortunately there are a few small stores at the train station that are open on Sundays, so we were able to get the detergent and some food (for us – once the cat finishes what’s in his bowl, we’ll have to give him tuna until we can get to the pet store Tuesday. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled).
Plans for tonight: exchanging presents, so we didn’t have to taken them on the cruise. Drinking wine – the train station store didn’t carry champagne. Sleeping in.

Prettige nieuwjaar, alles.

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