some good news

Good news today: I’ve sold the MR2 Spyder.  There’s still some paperwork to do but I’ve got a verbal committment plus a check for earnest money. What I still haven’t got is the fax the $&^% bank is supposedly sending me as of several hours ago. Apparently they can’t send it directly to the other company on my request. In fact, Heaven forbid they send it directly at all; they can see it but instead of printing the damn thing out and sending it on or even emailing it (gasp! bleeding edge of technology!) they have to request another department to send it. Who, of course, have all gone home early for the weekend. No good news without bad; I think banks and governments are there to make sure of it.

Also, Ted got confirmation today that we definitely do have the apartment he liked – we were just making sure that the cat was OK and that everything was confirmed, and now it is. So this weekend I can send out an email telling everyone I know that we’re moving, where we’re going and what we’re doing, what our new addresses will be and where this blog is. I’m looking forward to that.

On the down side, I’ve had to throw myself on my mother’s and brother’s mercy and beg them to go get a copy of our marriage record and Fed Ex it to me, because though that was mailed out nine days ago, apparently the Postal Orifice has taken a liking to it. (It’s not that my family wasn’t willing to do us a favor, just that it’s an inconvenience for them have to trek out there on a work day.)  When I get it, I have to FedEx it and my birth certificate to a courier in Harrisburg (the state capital) so they can hand-carry it over to get an apostille and FedEx it back to me. I’ve given up on trusting the state government and the US mail to get things done for me in time.

 No good news without a little bad news; I think banks and governments are there to make sure of it.

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