Whew. The turkey’s cooling so it can be sliced, the potatoes are boiling, the sparrow-graass is all ready to be popped into the microwave, the cheese is grated and the orange zested for the potatoes and asparagus respectively, and I’m into that period of the calm before the guests arrive.

I did all the cooking, but Ted did some cleanup and making things pretty, and will be chief dishwasher after dinner. (I miss having a dishwasher! I’d trade in the dish dryer anyway.)

Guess I could go open some wine and test how soft the potatoes are….

No matter what, I’m fairly sure this will be beter than last night’s turkey dinner. Restaurant Thanksgivings never seem to get it right.

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  1. marsha Says:

    Your dinner menu sounds delicious. What does sparrow grass taste like? How many guests were there. Vicki’s aunt thinks 25 people is a small gathering. In Allentown, we had a very typically American dinner with homebread bread. I even ate some cauliflower. Remember when I used to bake bread, and you and Alex only wanted packaged white bread? I brought potato kugel, cheesecake cupcakes, and a Jewish apple cake.

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