at the Asian Rowing Championships (not as competitors!)

We drove out to Yilan today (on the eastern side of the island, about an hour and a half) to do some work on Ted’s boat and watch the Asian Rowing Championship and Junior Rowing Championships – it’s been going on for a few days, but we could only go today. We went to a wedding yesterday; I will try to write more about that later.

The most interesting thing about the regatta were the participants – countries we are not used to seeing at rowing events. In addition to the ones we’d expect, like China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and of course “Chinese Taipei”, there were rowers from India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Quatar, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Iran and Kazakhistan.

At one point as we were sitting watching a race, one of the rowers from China came up to us and, for no apparent reason, asked if his buddy could take a picture of him with Ted. We couldn’t quite figure out why – maybe the first Westerner he’d met? But it was the last day of races, and he would have had a chance to talk to some of the Caucasian rowers participating (in fact, possibly quite literally Caucasian, from the Caucasus region). Maybe we were the first Americans he’d met? He spoke a little English, so might have overheard us and guessed where we were from.

Odd. But he was very nice about it.

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