the next move

Anyone who plans to visit us in Taiwan needs to do so in the next five months, at least if you want to guarantee I’ll be here.

Barring catastrophe, strange clauses in the final contract, or caprice of upper management (all of which I think is the office worker’s translation of “the good Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise”) I will be moving back to the Netherlands to take a role as quality manager within the Customer Support department. I take on the new role as of now, pretty much, but will move back as of April 1. Ted will remain here in Taiwan until the end of October, but I expect him to continue to do a lot of traveling back and forth, which is why I agreed to the move.

So now I spend the next five months figuring out the answers to a lot of questions: what do I want to see here before I leave? Do I want to try to take my boat or sell it here? What can I ship and what do I need to take with me in my luggage, to have with me until the cargo container arrives? Given that I’ll be in a furnished apartment, what kitchen gear do I need and what should I leave with Ted?

Transportation will be a challenge: they are only giving me a car for the first three months. After that they figure on me buying one – but if Ted has an expat contract a car will be provided, so I’m thinking of trying to do without one for those four months. It’s about a 10km ride to work each way, on safe, level bike paths, and there are bike racks everywhere. it might get rainy but the weather is a lot gentler than what I rode through when I biked everywhere during college. My bike has panniers that should be sufficient for one person’s food shopping, and it will be good cross-training for me. If I need anything too big to carry on a bike, I can always wait for Ted’s next trip in, since he’ll have a car.

I’m ambivalent: nervous and looking forward to it all at once. The job will be hard, but interesting, and really, so will a lot of the rest of it.

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