crisscrossing the city

I goofed again. I decided to have more dresses made. Problem was, the tailor I went to has fabrics that are not even in the arena with the fabrics Ted’s tailor has – his has fine English and Italian wools, mine had a wool / poly blend. But his doesn’t do women. Since he wanted some more trousers anyhow, I went along, bought some fabrics at his tailor, then took them to *mine*> (Mine did a fabulous job on the fitting and tailoring part, it was just the fabric that wasn’t as nice as I’d like.)

Then in an additional series of errata, we headed diagonally across the city to our favoriite brewpub near Taipei 101, found they had a Halloween party with an 80-90 minute wait, decided we both really needed food soon, went back across town to the tailor because the best burgers in town are in a small pub around the corner, ordered, and then while Ted hung out I walked back to the tailor and droped off the jeans I needed hemmed but had forgotten to give them.

The real goof wasn’t actually the jeans or the food – it was that I left my tailormade dress with them to copy, totally forgetting I wanted to wear them to a wedding Saturday. Oops!

But at least I’ll have good dresses in a couple of weeks.

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