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Sorry, I didn’t mean to be mysterious. Romans used triangular bricks for double walls, with cement between layers of brick on both sides – the triangular shape saved on brick cost and weight and also bonded better to the cement. In ancient Italy, prostitutes were called”lupenare”, or she-wolves, possibly because they used a wolf-whistle-like sound to attract men’s attention. So it’s possible Romulus and Remus were actually taken in and raised by a prostitute after their mother (a god or half-god, I think) had to cast them out. And Roman amphitheaters were used as mass-media devices for propaganda purposes according to our guide: people saw that criminals (including Christians) got punished by beingkilled or sent to be gladiators, and got a good idea of the power and reach of the Empire from the impressive shows put on.

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  1. Marsha Says:

    I don’t think that fact was in the “Book of Knowledge”, from which I got most of my early education in Greek and Roman mythology. I wonder if it’s in Bulfinche’s Mythology. Hope your colds are better.

  2. Jane Says:

    Thanks for illumination. Are the points of the bricks headed at right angles inward?

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