partly back

We’re back from the cruise, though not back home yet. We’re in Milan for a couple extra days, because we keep forgetting that by this time in an exhausting vacation all we want is to go home. However, Milan should be enjoyable. Our hotel is very nice and is about a five minute walk from the Duomo and the museums and shopping* around it, and twenty minutes from Leonardo’s Last Supper.

*Of course, I still have Ted with me, which limits shopping possibilities considerably, as does the bill from the cruise.

Getting a pair of colds is not such a great way to finish off a cruise. Also, MSC Musica is not a ship I’d recommend traveling on: huge and pretty, but the organization, design, and anything requiring forethought and communication suck. And the food was bland and only available at set times. I will not be traveling on MSC again. However, we got to see Rome, Athens, Rhodes, Cairo and Giza, Genoa, Pompeii and now Milan, and I can’t think of a better way to spend the holidays (unles it’s seeing those places and getting to spend time with the people we love too).

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