seven and forty

The news that we (American passengers) would not be allowed to visit Tripoli means that we have four days in a row aboard this ship. It is a very large ship, fortunately, but still. Also, there is exactly one ping-pong table and two foosball tables. There are a minigolf course and a tennis area (I don’t play tennis) and of course there are some of the usual cruise activities, but according to our table mates, veterans of several cruises, the activities do not compare to those on some of the American lines. (The food certainly doesn’t.) A movie theater would have been ideal – actually, there are at least two areas on the ship that would work perfectly for movies. I don’t know why they don’t show them, other than on the TVs in the cabins. However, the ship has been rolling quite a bit the past few days, much more than previously; no one seems affected that I’ve seen but maybe watching movies would contribute to seasickness?

On the other hand, if we had to miss one of the planned stops on this cruise, Tripoli would have been my choice. Also, it’s fortunate that we had the stop in Egypt to get our feet on the continent of Africa; we would have been very disappointed to miss the chance to visit our seventh continent.

One other feature of our not going ashore tomorrow is that, today being Ted’s 40th (!) birthday, we can drink as much champagne as we want and not have to worry about the consequences.

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  1. e Says:

    Happy Birthday Ted! Welcome to the 40 club. Just made it myself a couple weeks ago. Love reading the cruise blog.

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