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getting around to Memorial Day weekend

Monday, June 6th, 2016

The thing about a good weekend is, of course, you’re too busy enjoying it to blog about it. Memorial Day weekend was a good one – and then I didn’t write up its wines on Monday because Monday was still “weekend”.

We spent it at the lake house, and Ted’s parents came up to visit. More people = chance to taste more wine! The neighbors also came over one night, bringing some god Scotch. We started early with the wine if not with the holiday, so ended up haivng wines Thursday through Monday, two different ones some nights.

2011 Rioja (Tempranillo)
from Spain
bought at Fred Meyer
This wine is named for the joint venture that produced it; I don’t remember their full names, but R is a French winemaker and G is a Spanish wine trader, teaming up to make a Spanish wine with French influences. We had this with steak and corn on the cob. Aromas of dark berries. The front is loaded with warm spice and fruit; the fruit vanishes and the spice turns peppery on the palate. Without food, the finish just … dissipates; food brings out more complexity and a lingering peppery finish with hints of tannins.
Paula: 3.2 Ted: 3.2

2015 Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley
from the vineyard
Brooks was one of our favorite wineries from our Dundee weekend in March. We had this with (and after) tapas – in this case, assorted cheeses, crudites, grilled Buffalo wings, andouille and shrimp. The wine is light but not simple. Ranier cherry flavors in front, earth flavors on the finish. Distinct and complex but delicate.
Paula: 4 Ken: 4 Karen: 3.75 Ted: 2.9

2011 Overlook Pinot Noir
Dundee Hills AVA, Oregon
from the wine club
With grilled salmon, grilled asparagus/purple chard, and salad. Light. Paula described it as a typical Willamette Pinot: cherry front, earthy finish – everyone else disagreed about the earth flavors. Smooth finish with tobacco notes.
Paula 4.2 Ken: 4 Karen: 4 Ted: 4.2
We should buy some more of this.

Chapter 24
2014 Rose of Pinots Noirs
Willamette Valley OR
from the vineyard
another one from our Dundee trip. We had this on its own, while cooking dinner.. Light, just slightly sweet, with dstrawberry flavors in front that almost transitions to citrus but stops just short, finishing with honey flavors that coat the back of the tongue.
Ken: 3 Karen: 3 Ted: 2.6 Paula 3.2

Schmidt Family
2013 Chardonnay
Applegate Valley
from the winery (Ted’s parents brought it up)
With grilled spatchcocked chicken, salad, bread. Tangy with grapefruit flavors and moderate oak. Classic Chardonnay.
Ken: yuck (he’s not a Chardonnay fan!) Ted: 2.8 Paula: 2.8 Karen: 3.0

Also on this evening, a neighbor brought over some Laphroig Triple Wood Scotch for us to taste. We don’t drink enough whiskey to write a proper review, but it’s got a lesser helping of smoke and peat flavors you’d expect from Laphroig, with a smoother finish. Paula likes Laphroig; Ted liked this a lot better than other ones of theirs he’d tasted. Should have tasted it both with and without water, because according to other reviews the flavors change.

2015 Albariño (white)
Umpqua Valley, Oregon
wine club
We had this by itself, just to finish out the holiday weekend. Crisp, dry and elegant. Pale floral notes, with flavors of apple and grapefruit. Ted commented: tangy flavors that focus in the top back of the mouth.
Ted: 3.2 Paula: 3