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First US Road trip for Zonsopgang II

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Last weekend I raced in 2 regattas – in Portland, so it theoretically shouldn’t count as a road trip since both races were within 15 miles of our home in Hillsboro. However, it took over 10 hours of driving to make this happen. My single “Zonsopgang II” (for those not fluent in Dutch = Sunrise II, named after my old boat that got destroyed in a freak storm just before we left Arizona) has been all over the world with many road trips in Europe and a few in Taiwan, but it hadn’t traveled to a race within the US until now.

The reason so much driving was involved is that the boat is stored at out other house, which is 2.5 hours away. So I drove down Thursday night, picked up the boat, drove back to Portland on Friday, then raced on Saturday, raced on Sunday, drove down south on Monday to return the boat, and finally drove back to Hillsboro on Tuesday.

For both races the weather was horrible, with heavy rains and high winds. When they predict record rainfall in famously-wet Oregon, you know it’s something out of the ordinary! Two large fronts came through dumping about 10 inches of rain over three days. This took away a lot of the fun of racing. However, I was happy with my performance and finished in 2nd & 1st place finishes. Despite the bad weather the whole trip was worth it, because it gave me a chance to finally row in Portland and gave me an excuse to get a rack for the truck to hold our boats.