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a bit of racing, and a Big Announcement!

Friday, April 26th, 2013

If I’ve been quiet around here lately, it’s been partly because because life has been going smoothly, and partly I was sitting on a big announcement until I was able to make it public.

The weekend before last we raced in the Covered Bridge Regatta. I came in last, not being at all ready for it, but at least I raced! Ted did well, going on to the finals for his event. He came in second in the final in raw time, but was fourth after the age handicapping. After that I stayed at the lake house for a week while he went to Phoenix on business, and got to meet up with our friend Kathy. Ted’s parents stayed on to see the race, then kept me company for a couple of days. We’d brought the cats, too, so I did have some company after they left, and I think the cats enjoyed having the big house to race around in.

But the BIG NEWS is…. My book, to be called Fundamentals of Business Process Management, has been accepted by AMACOM, publishing arm of the American Management Association) and will be published in Spring of 2014. And yes, that means you can go buy it in Amazon 🙂

I’m pretty excited about this, as you may imagine. AMACOM was the first place I sent my proposal, so it was a shock to have the editor write back expressing interest in just two weeks. I think they are a great fit for my topic. Now I need to expand it, at their request, so the next few months I’ll be doing that and hunting for my next job.