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I forgot!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

I just realized what I forgot to do this past weekend: write up an entry on going to Brussels the weekend before!

Anyway, it’s been very nice to have two long weekends back to back: first we had Thursday and Friday off for Hemelvaart / Ascension Day (we went to Brussels Fri-Sun), then we worked a full week, then had a long weekend with Monday off for Pinkster / Whit Monday / Pentecost..

Now we work a couple weeks, then I’m off to Philadelp[hia to isitfamily and Ted goes to Taiwan for work, and soon after that we have a Baltic cruise.

I’m a bit worried about August; we’ll need to figure somewhere to go, or it will be my first month without any international travel since …. umm…. May 2011. (Admittedly I’m cheating a little: I went to Japan on January 29 and came back Feb 4, so that trip accounts for travel during 2 months.)