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coming together more or less

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Things are coming together. Our going-away party is tomorrow. I have a week and a day left at work. Next week we’ll go deal with our bank accounts and safe deposit box. Our birth certificates and marriage licenses have been duly legalized, the carpet will be installed the day after tomorrow, we’ve figured out most of what we’re taking with us, and the cat and I are booked to fly over two weeks from tomorrow.

Because everyone knows if you’re going to fly with a black cat you might as well do it on Friday the 13th.

drowning in stuff

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Yesterday we sent out all the “We’re moving to Europe” emails to friends and family, complete with this site’s URL, so welcome to any new readers!

Despite completing a marathon (Ted) and a half-marathon (me) on the erg this weekend, we managed to get quite a lot done toward the move. Our marriage record has finally arrived and Ted’s sending that off today to be legalized (the states do that – it’s called an apostille). We spent scads of money, some on stuff to take with us and some on stuff to get the house ready for showing. The carpet and the landscaping have been scheduled and we’ll each be seeing the dentist for a checkup before we leave. We’ve thrown out or given away an unbelievable amount of stuff.

The only problem is, the more we do, the more we realize just how very much more there is to do, and how much more stuff we still have to sort through. (It turns out you can pack a hell of a lot of stuff into a five-bedroom house – and we did.)

some good news

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Good news today: I’ve sold the MR2 Spyder.  There’s still some paperwork to do but I’ve got a verbal committment plus a check for earnest money. What I still haven’t got is the fax the $&^% bank is supposedly sending me as of several hours ago. Apparently they can’t send it directly to the other company on my request. In fact, Heaven forbid they send it directly at all; they can see it but instead of printing the damn thing out and sending it on or even emailing it (gasp! bleeding edge of technology!) they have to request another department to send it. Who, of course, have all gone home early for the weekend. No good news without bad; I think banks and governments are there to make sure of it.

Also, Ted got confirmation today that we definitely do have the apartment he liked – we were just making sure that the cat was OK and that everything was confirmed, and now it is. So this weekend I can send out an email telling everyone I know that we’re moving, where we’re going and what we’re doing, what our new addresses will be and where this blog is. I’m looking forward to that.

On the down side, I’ve had to throw myself on my mother’s and brother’s mercy and beg them to go get a copy of our marriage record and Fed Ex it to me, because though that was mailed out nine days ago, apparently the Postal Orifice has taken a liking to it. (It’s not that my family wasn’t willing to do us a favor, just that it’s an inconvenience for them have to trek out there on a work day.)  When I get it, I have to FedEx it and my birth certificate to a courier in Harrisburg (the state capital) so they can hand-carry it over to get an apostille and FedEx it back to me. I’ve given up on trusting the state government and the US mail to get things done for me in time.

 No good news without a little bad news; I think banks and governments are there to make sure of it.

all the little details

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Things are moving apace. Today we met with the realtor to talk about the house price and when it goes on the market. We have a lead on selling my little car, and have received an offer for my truck, though nothing yet for the Hummer. We get new carpet put in upstairs a week from Saturday, and will probably put the house on sale as soon as that’s in. Ted has the rest of this week off, so is furiously clearing things out – gadgets we never use, old sheets that don’t fit any or our beds, assorted bits of lumber and metal, and more of the stuff that just accumulates when you have a lot of space and you stay in one place for a while. There are so many details to take care of!

due for disappointment

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Apparently, a lot of people are looking forward to my arrival in Eindhoven. They may be due for a sad disappointment.

Ted says that every woman he meets at the local rowing club says, “Oh, I hear your wife is ready to come row with us.” (Also, apparently Ted tells strange women he meets about his wife. I think this is a good thing.)  He said he’s been warning them that I’m coxswain sized (for nonrowers, here’s a picture of the US Women’s eight crew at Worlds this year. See the small woman on the right? That’s the cox) but he doesn’t think they quite realize how short I am. He says they keep responding, “Oh that’s OK – I’m short too!” which would be OK, but judging by their heights, he thinks they must mean “…. as compared to the Dutch national team.”

This should be amusing.

a multitude of tasks

Monday, September 18th, 2006

It’s amazing how many odd tasks are involved in such a drastic move.

Some are expected, like sorting out all the things in the drawers of a beat-up old desk we’re going to throw or give away. Some are location-based – we haven’t ridden our bikes much since the lake here opened and we began rowing again, but because we expect to use them more in the Netherlands, I took them in for tune-ups today. And some are things probably no one else would do, that are specific to us – I began cataloging my books almost exactly three years ago, and have just finished. I was hurrying to get it done before a good chunk of them go into storage – that should help me avoid buying duplicates, for one thing, and find books I haven’t read yet to take along.

There are also some tasks I’d never have thought of if someone hadn’t reminded me- next I’m off to shred the contents of all my old organizers. I don’t need the details of what I was doing in 1998, but I also can’t just throw it all away in case, say, some of the credit card numbers are still the same. Some tasks will even be fun, like sending out an email to tell people we haven’t spoken to in a while where we’re going, and to notify everyone else of this website.

Configuring and updating which is a task in and of itself, though a pleasant one…

on LJ

Friday, September 15th, 2006

This site is now syndicated on LiveJournal. The name Avontuur was taken so it’s at Dutchadventure. I’ll be adding the ability to subscribe here for notification of new posts sometime this weekend.

beginning the adventure

Friday, September 15th, 2006

Here’s the details I know so far: Ted will be home Tuesday, for a couple of weeks. He leaves again the first weekend of October. I’ll stay here about another week, then I’m gone. I’ve got a couple of lunches with my old coworkers, and we’re having a going-away party at a local microbrewery September 29. It’s all coming up very fast!

 (Anyone want to buy a 2001 MR2 Spyder or a 2002 Hummer H2?)

 Moving to the Netherlands is definitely an adventure, but it’s also a major organizational effort. We have to sell the cars, sell the house, get the cat microchipped and get a health certificate for him, get birth certificates and marriage licenses and have them formally authenticated, decide what to take and what to leave behind, and on and on. And since Ted’s over in Europe just now, I’m the one who gets to do a lot of that. He gets to find the new apartment, make sure they allow cats, and think up additional jobs for me to do. (Don’t worry, he’s be back soon to help with the local work.)

 So far most of it hasn’t been uncomplicated. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania finally returned my birth certificate but I still haven’t gotten a copy of our marriage license (I just called – they sent it a couple of days ago). When I receive it I have to send both documents back to PA to get an apostille (legalization) stamp on them. The State of Oregon is more efficient; I’ve already gotten the apostille on Ted’s.

I’m also a bit worried about the cars; we haven’t been getting any calls on either my MR2 or Ted’s Hummer.

On the plus side, giving notice at work was fun 🙂 Getting everything ready and all the loose ends tied up has been kind of satisfying, too. And it looks like Ted has found us an apartment – only two bedrooms, but it’s nice and big.